Beijing 2015: Part 1

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This trip was a quick one. My wife Sue was invited to participate in the Diamond Leaves Triennial, a prestigious show of artist books at the new museum of CAFA, the Central Academy of Fine Arts, and we decided to make the journey to deliver the work and attend the opening – left on Monday and returned on the following Sunday. Our week was spent visiting friends and eating lots of great food, an afternoon at the Summer Palace, delivering work to the museum, a discussion with faculty and graduate painting students about art East and West, and attending the museum on Saturday.

These images are from our walks around a neighborhood near our hutong style lodging, a small, one story hotel built around a courtyard.

The narrow street of the hotel:

Looking down the narrow street of the hotel.

Front door of the hotel

Inside the front door.


The view from the other end of the street on the hotel.

The neighborhood:

P1150601 copy2000

P1150603 copy

P1150618 copy

P1150622 copy 2000

P1150641 copy 2

Fascinating to see the juxtaposition of a late model Audi SUV and this three wheel cart.

Lots of late model cars in Beijing, but car ownership is a recent development, at least within the last 10 years.

P1150657 copy





P1150645 copy2

P1150669 copy

P1150658 copyComfortable and not so comfortable outdoor seating.

20151016_223140_001_resized copy

This canal was not far from the hotel and provided a welcome “green space” among the shops and apartment blocks. A little farther to the east, this same waterway was called the “Beijing Greenway,” upgraded  with paved walkways and more formal plantings.

P1150675 copy

Behind the apartment blocks.

P1150695 copy

On the other side of the street along the waterway.

P1150701 copy

A narrow alleyway, much more quiet than the larger streets, but still an occasional car or scooter.

P1150672 copy

Recycling center.

P1150640 copy 2000

While there are more and more cars in Beijing, there are still a few places where a bicycle is the most efficient way to run errands, as the number of bikes in front of this supermarket shows.

Originally posted at rhintzeblog, November 7, 2015.

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