Two Walks in Oaxaca

Charles Cottle — Oaxaca draws me back, time after time. Since 2005 I have visited this city of half a million inhabitants many times. Like most visitors to this city in southern Mexico, I stay in the historic district, which like the historic districts of many former Spanish colonial cities, is home to beautiful churches, Spanish colonial architecture, and cobble-stone streets. Yet, these features alone … Continue reading Two Walks in Oaxaca

Imagining Wisdom from the Inside Out

Bill Powell — This article serves to introduce a planned offering of periodic personal musings on the notion of wisdom. Thought will be forthcoming and more questions than answers may be generated. Occasionally phronesis, or practical wisdom, will also be addressed, and other additional notions will be added to suggest new ways of framing or imagining wisdom from other cognitive or emotional vantage points.  The … Continue reading Imagining Wisdom from the Inside Out

What’s So Funny About Disability?

Ron Berger — In 2008 the action-comedy Tropic Thunder, written, produced, and directed by Ben Stiller, brought forth condemnation from more than a dozen disability advocacy groups, including the Special Olympics and the National Down Syndrome Congress. The plot of the film entails a film within a film—a group of struggling actors who are making a fictional movie about the Vietnam War. Stiller plays of … Continue reading What’s So Funny About Disability?

Rick’s Travel to China – Beijing 2015: Part 2

Rick Hintze —   This is the second post relating to a trip to Beijing that Sue, my wife, and I took in fall, 2015. Sue, an artist who makes artist books, was invited to display some of her work in the Diamond Leaves Triennial at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. In the first post, Beijing 2015: Part 1, I included images … Continue reading Rick’s Travel to China – Beijing 2015: Part 2