Bernie Sanders and the Jewish Question

Ron Berger — Bernie Sanders has not become the Democratic nominee for president in 2016, but he has left an indelible mark on political campaign history. For one, no other presidential candidate since Eugene Debs in the early 1900s has raised socialism as a legitimate political issue, dismissed by Hillary Clinton more for its idealism and impracticality than its association with communism. Second, Sanders has … Continue reading Bernie Sanders and the Jewish Question

A Quiet Man

Bill Powell — After seven decades of my life, I have experienced, learned, and remembered many things—among them, that people touch our lives by being totally “present” with the other person, by genuine caring, feeling and being felt, and by knowing that such connections are often formed in ways using deeper languages, beyond words. One of my most profound and impactful memories of this nature … Continue reading A Quiet Man

Making Science Fiction Sentient

Charles Ogg — The editors of Wise Guys invited me to write an article on science fiction (sf) and an online magazine I am planning to start called Sentient Fiction. Currently Sentient Fiction exists as a closed Facebook group that I administer. When I first considered using “sentient” for the magazine, I was surprised to discover the general use of this word is different from … Continue reading Making Science Fiction Sentient