Trump’s Pathology Is Also His Brand

Stephen J. Ducat — Debates rage in the increasingly politicized world of mental health clinicians about how to name and understand Donald Trump’s evident psychopathology. Is he a narcissistic psychopath, a psychopathic narcissist, or simply a ruthless con man who managed to grift his way into business and then into the White House? The Problem of Diagnosis There are those cautious souls that still abide … Continue reading Trump’s Pathology Is Also His Brand

Two young women participants, each dressed in colorful dresses and carrying pineapples on their shoulders.

Images of Oaxaca: A Photo Essay

Charles Cottle — I was recently invited to display several photographs of Oaxaca, Mexico at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater during the annual Latino Heritage Month celebration. The exhibit had to be put together quickly, so I chose seven photos that I had ready to go and worked up seven more for a total of fourteen. The first five of the show were participants in the … Continue reading Images of Oaxaca: A Photo Essay