Advocacy and Constructive Criticism in Public Education

Jeffrey Spitzer-Resnick — Last July, a local school board President expressed annoyance with me on social media because she felt that I only expressed criticisms of her school district. While pointing out to her that I occasionally praise things that I believe the district does well, I informed her that my job as an advocate is to identify problems and suggest solutions through constructive criticism. … Continue reading Advocacy and Constructive Criticism in Public Education

The Graying of Disability

Ron Berger — Most anyone who lives long enough can expect to have an experience with disability before they die. Moreover, as people live longer, on average, we are witnessing a process of what gerontologists Jeffrey Kahana and Eva Kahana call the “graying of disability.” Thus, US Census data indicate that about 25% of individuals 65-74 years live with an identifiable disability, as do about … Continue reading The Graying of Disability

Photo of John Kozlowicz

John Kozlowicz

Followers of this site might like to know that over the summer John Kozlowicz passed away. John was a dear friend and contributor to Wise Guys. He was a scholar of United States constitutional law. His area of expertise was criminal justice and the Constitution. His knowledge of constitutional law was extensive. His depth of knowledge was impressive. He won numerous awards for teaching and … Continue reading John Kozlowicz