Welcome to Wise Guys

Wise Guys was launched in December 2015 as a community website dedicated to the expression and friendly discussion of the ideas of its participants. We viewed it as an alternative to email and Facebook communication.

Over the last few months, as Wise Guys became populated by multiple posts, topic categories emerged that helped us organize the material. In the process, our vision of the site evolved into an online magazine, and we have updated our template to reflect this new approach.

Notwithstanding the new format, the discussion of ideas remains a basic purpose of Wise Guys. Like most of our readers, we have Facebook accounts and enjoy the give and take that occurs there. But Facebook posts have a very short half-life, as they are quickly buried by new posts, and much of what is posted can be rather trivial in nature. In the Facebook environment it is difficult to separate the signal from the noise; and it is difficult to retrieve discussions that occurred even a short time in the past.

In contrast, Wise Guys lives in an online environment in which extraneous distractions (including ads) are eliminated, in which all posts can be easily found, and in which all discussions take place in a “threaded” fashion so that everyone can see who is replying, to whom, and to which idea or point in the discussion. In Wise Guys your comments do not disappear in an hour, but live into the future where others can find them.

Participants who sign up as Wise Guys “authors” may prepare drafts of research-based essays, opinion/think pieces, photo essays, and the like directly on the site. We will review the draft for format consistency and photo placement before posting the article. If you wish to become a contributor, simply contact Charles at cecottle@gmail.com. Shortly afterwards you will receive an invitation email from WordPress requesting that you register for a WordPress account. Once you have a registered account, you may accept the invitation and be added as an author. Authors also have the option of sending us their draft in a Word document rather than posting it themselves. Other readers who do not sign up as authors are also encouraged to leave comments and enter the discussion.

Thank you,

Charles Cottle and Ron Berger, editors
June 1, 2016

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