Welcome to Wise Guys

Wise Guys was launched in December 2015 as a community website dedicated to the expression and friendly discussion of the ideas of its participants.

In a short period of time the site was populated by multiple posts from several different authors. Categories emerged that helped us organize the material. As the site grew, our vision of it evolved into an online magazine, and we updated the site template to reflect that change. Notwithstanding the new format, we still encourage reader comments and discussion of our articles. We request that commenters be polite so that discussion may take place in a non-hostile environment.

Because Wise Guys is a WordPress site, contributors to the site need a WordPress account. If you would like to be a participant contributor to Wise Guys, simply contact Charles Cottle at cecottle@gmail.com and provide a summary of your interests. If deemed a good fit, he and  co-editor, Ron Berger, will walk you through the process of getting a WordPress account if you do not already have one. We need contributors in all the topic areas on the site, especially in the arts, the sciences, and travel.

Thanks for visiting Wise Guys. We encourage you to join us.

Charles Cottle and Ron Berger, editors

December 21, 2021

2 thoughts on “Welcome to Wise Guys

  1. One of your contributors, Warren R. Johnson, passed away a few days ago from complications due to MS. He was a good friend, a fine writer, a gentle person and a true scholar. Rest in Peace.

    Jeff Matthews

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