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For 36 years, I have been a public interest civil rights lawyer. During that span of time, my entire career has been focused on analyzing social problems, developing possible solutions, and implementing systems change solutions that range from grassroots organizing, training, social and traditional media work, consumer and professional reports, educational/persuasive materials, legislative and administrative advocacy, and individual and class action litigation.

Finding Common Ground

February 10, 2021 // 6 Comments

Jeffrey Spitzer-Resnick — Last March, my wife and I decided to move into our vacation home in Central Wisconsin to stay safe from the pandemic. Our home is located in [...]

Preserving Memories

January 17, 2019 // 3 Comments

Jeffrey Spitzer-Resnick — A few weeks ago I spent the weekend visiting my family in the Detroit area where I grew up. As my parents’ memories fade, it was important [...]

Rural Chainsaw Repair

December 20, 2018 // 2 Comments

Jeffrey Spitzer-Resnick — There are many things that divide city life and rural life: digital access and politics are often discussed in the media, but access to [...]