What Went Wrong: One Pollster’s View

Ron Berger — In the latest issue of The American Prospect, long-time Democratic Party pollster Stanley Greenberg weighs in on what he thinks went wrong with Hillary Clinton’s 2016 presidential campaign. Greenberg was the lead pollster for the 1992 and 2000 presidential campaigns and a consultant for the 2004 campaign. In his TAP article, he draws upon his experience as a consultant for the 2016 … Continue reading What Went Wrong: One Pollster’s View

It’s a Reality Show

J. David Gillespie — For a long time politicians have tried to make politics entertaining to the masses.  Roman rulers offered the plebs “bread and circuses.”  U.S. political scientists have for years written about presidential campaigns like they were horse races.  I am convinced now that what we are seeing in presidential contests is a reality show. Maybe, sensing the value of reality shows, media, … Continue reading It’s a Reality Show

Who Benefits When China “Cheats”?

Charles Cottle — In the world of international trade, China cheats. Much was made of this claim in the 2012 election season and now again in 2016. China’s cheating, it is claimed, creates an uneven “playing field” on which the United States is the loser.  For those who have not followed these issues, China is said to cheat in three basic ways. First, it subsidizes … Continue reading Who Benefits When China “Cheats”?