Rick’s Travel to China – Beijing 2015: Part 2

Rick Hintze —   This is the second post relating to a trip to Beijing that Sue, my wife, and I took in fall, 2015. Sue, an artist who makes artist books, was invited to display some of her work in the Diamond Leaves Triennial at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. In the first post, Beijing 2015: Part 1, I included images … Continue reading Rick’s Travel to China – Beijing 2015: Part 2

Who Benefits When China “Cheats”?

Charles Cottle — In the world of international trade, China cheats. Much was made of this claim in the 2012 election season and now again in 2016. China’s cheating, it is claimed, creates an uneven “playing field” on which the United States is the loser.  For those who have not followed these issues, China is said to cheat in three basic ways. First, it subsidizes … Continue reading Who Benefits When China “Cheats”?