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Charles Cottle
Charles Cottle (Administrator, Editor, Author) – Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. Retired, but not retiring, he also writes the blog Snapshots.

Ron Berger
Ron Berger (Editor, Author) – Professor Emeritus of Sociology and Criminology, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. He has published numerous books and articles on topics that include crime and criminal justice, disability, and the Holocaust. In his retirement, he also writes about politics and economics.

Bob Bates
Bob Bates (Author) – Former shelf-stocker, monkey-tester, plant worker, English teacher, community youth worker, disability adjudicator. Current retiree thoroughly enjoying the celebration of life and learning. Loves reading a broad array of nonfiction, dancing with his wife Judy, playing tennis, baseball, cooking/baking, grunt gardening, leaving a miniscule carbon footprint, sunny days.

Saphire, a collie, eating out Jeffrey Berger's hand
Jeffrey Berger and Saphire
Jeff Berger (Author) – Tech writer, public speaker, and engineer. He earned Masters degrees in statistics and operations research from the University of California, Berkeley, and was employed by IBM for more than 30 years. He developed an interest in history and economics during the 1990’s and now wonders if he might have chosen the wrong career.

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DeWitt Clinton
DeWitt Clinton (Author) – Professor Emeritus of Languages and Literatures, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. He lives in Shorewood, Wisconsin, and continues to write and publish creative nonfiction and poetry in a variety of national and international journals.

Stephen J. Ducat
Stephen J. Ducat (Author) – Clinical psychologist, psychoanalyst, and naturopathic physician. He publishes and speaks widely on the psychology of political behavior. In addition to his book, The Wimp Factor: Gender Gaps, Holy Wars, and the Politics of Anxious Masculinity, he has written for various publications, including The Huffington Post, Talking Points Memo, and Medium.

David Gillespie
Dave Gillespie
Dave Gillespie (Author) – Professor Emeritus of Political Science, College of Charleston. He currently teaches part-time at two local colleges in Charleston, SC and continues his active research interest in third or minor political parties.

Portrait of Les Guliasi
Les Guliasi
Les Guliasi (Author) – Post-academic career in energy project development and public policy. Les is a partner in a project to develop a desalination facility on California’s Monterey Bay. He is also President of the Board of the Power Association of Northern California and the Multicultural Institute, a nonprofit organization helping immigrants in their journey from poverty and isolation to prosperity and participation in society. He lives in Berkeley, California.

Rick Hintze
Rick Hintze
Rick Hintze (Author) – Potter, Johnson Creek, Wisconsin. He has received numerous awards, including a National Endowment for the Arts Individual Artist Fellowship, an Iowa Arts Council Artist Project Grant, and an Award of Excellence from the American Craft Council. His work is in the collections of several museums, public libraries, and colleges.

Judy Moore Hug
Judy Moore Hug
Judy Moore Hug (Author) – Daughter, sister, wife, mother; reader of books; native of Iowa and river rat; former hitchhiker and Avalon Ballroom dancer; who’s grown old and wise.

Ellin Jimmerson
Ellin Jimmerson
Ellin Jimmerson (Author) – Public historian and theologian. She has a PhD in 20th Century US cultural and intellectual history from the University of Houston and a Masters in Theological Studies with a concentration in Liberation Theologies, especially those emanating from Latin America, from Vanderbilt Divinity School. She is an advocate for illegal immigrants, domestic labor, and those in the US legally on an H2 guest worker visa, and has produced and directed the film The Second Cooler narrated by Martin Sheen. She is an LGBTQ ally and officiated at the first same sex wedding in Madison County, Alabama.
Warren Johnson
Warren R. Johnson (Author) – Served in the U.S. Army in Germany in the late 1960s. He returned to the U.S. and attended Northern Illinois University under the G.I. Bill, earning his undergraduate degree in psychology and master’s degree in sociology. He then repatriated to Germany and taught college courses through the University of Maryland-Europe, mostly to U.S. service members and their families, for 40 years. He currently lives in Bavaria.

Photo of John Kozlowicz holding a microphone
John Kozlowicz
John Kozlowicz (Author) – Professor Emeritus of Political Science, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. He still teaches web courses in his specialties of criminal justice and judicial process. He also is the higher education representative serving on the Walworth County Alcohol Court.

Photo of Larry Lancit
Larry Lancit
Larry Lancit (Author) – Emmy Award winning Television Producer/Director. Breathing clean air in Naples, Florida and telling stories the best way he knows how. Moved from New York 15 years ago after a 25 year career producing Children’s and Family Television for PBS.

Karen McKim
Karen McKim (Author) – Retired from a career of performing management audits, program evaluation, and quality management for the State of Wisconsin. Her current endeavors include elections integrity, grassroots organizing, political conversation skills, and consciousness and spirituality.

Charles Ogg photo wg
Charles Ogg
Charles Ogg (Author) – Lecturer in Sociology, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. He has long had a passion for reading and writing science fiction and has taught “Sociology through Science Fiction” at a number of colleges and universities. He is currently working to create an online magazine of science fiction and fantasy, Sentient Fiction, at present a Facebook group.

Tony Platt
Tony Platt (Author) – Distinguished Affiliated Scholar, Center for the Study of Law and Society, University of California, Berkeley. He is the author of 10 books and more than 150 essays and articles on race, inequality, and social justice in American history, among them Grave Matters: Excavating California’s Buried Past; Bloodlines: Recovering Hitler’s Nuremberg Laws, From Patton’s Trophy to Public Memorial; and The Child Savers: The Invention of Delinquency, which was reissued as a fortieth-anniversary edition in 2009. He has also written for the Los Angeles Times, the San Francisco Chronicle, and the Guardian, among many other periodicals, and his commentaries have aired on National Public Radio.

Bill Powell
William (Bill) Powell (Author) – PhD, MSW, and Professor Emeritus of Social Work, University of Wisconsin-Whitewater. He is Editor Emeritus of the journal Families in Society, with many publications and presentations at international and national conferences, and awards for teaching, contributions to urban education, and professional presentations on phronesis or practical/practice wisdom and artistry in practice.

Norma Gay Prewett
Norma Gay Prewett
Norma Gay Prewett (Author) -Retired  member of the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater Languages and Literature Department, a poet, painter, and would-be violinist. Likes chickens, most children, and artists. Her nom de plume is Norma Gay Prewett.

Richard Quinney
Richard Quinney (Author) – Author of several books of autobiographical writing and photography, including Journey to a Far Place, For the Time Being, Where Yet the Sweet Birds Sing, Field Notes, A Lifetime Burning, Once Upon an Island, A Farm in Wisconsin, The Morning Hour, Still Life with Camera, and Mystery of the Marsh. His other books are in the field of sociology. His retrospective book of photographs is Things Once Seen. He is the founder of the independent press Borderland Books and has had a career as a professor of sociology in American universities. He lives in Madison, Wisconsin.

Photo of Mark Richardson
Mark Richardson
Mark Richardson (Author) – Reader, amateur chef, wine lover, and sports fan. Retired from the Wisconsin Rock County Dept. of Human Services, he has a deep passion for both literature and sports, particularly baseball and hockey. His literary interests run the gamut from the classics, with an emphasis on 19th Century English and 19th Century American Literature through modern and contemporary authors, and topics such as sports history and biographies, detective fiction, philosophy, and history.

Jeffrey Spitzner-Resnick
Jeffrey Spitzer-Resnick (Author) – Nationally recognized attorney with over 30 years of experience in the fields of civil rights, disability and education law. He is the Principal of Systems Change Consulting, which provides consulting and training for individuals, non-profits, and public entities involved in progressive social change.