Churches of Moscow, Russia and Vicinity

Charles Cottle — In May 2018 I took a tour to Russia, the Baltic countries, and Poland. We were in Russia for over a week, during which time we toured Moscow and St. Petersburg. In such a short period of time one cannot see anything but the major tourist sites and only get a smattering of Russian culture. Nonetheless, I was impressed by the beautiful … Continue reading Churches of Moscow, Russia and Vicinity

Finding Nebuchadnezzar in Poland

DeWitt Clinton — All of us are hungry as dogs, though it’s not even noon, but our guide in green shoes wants us to stop at this grocery store, pick up some cheeses and breads so we won’t have to waste any time, so we can spend more time at Treblinka where we will wander around thousands of stones, each one a village which was … Continue reading Finding Nebuchadnezzar in Poland

Forty-Eight Hours in Budapest: A Photographic Essay

Charles Cottle and James Cottle — In May 2017 my brother Jim and I traveled on a tour of central Europe. The major cities on the tour included Budapest, Vienna, Prague, and Berlin. The first city on the tour was Budapest, Hungary. Featured here are my brother’s photos of the major architectural sites that one can visit in only two days in Budapest. I have … Continue reading Forty-Eight Hours in Budapest: A Photographic Essay

Two young women participants, each dressed in colorful dresses and carrying pineapples on their shoulders.

Images of Oaxaca: A Photo Essay

Charles Cottle — I was recently invited to display several photographs of Oaxaca, Mexico at the University of Wisconsin-Whitewater during the annual Latino Heritage Month celebration. The exhibit had to be put together quickly, so I chose seven photos that I had ready to go and worked up seven more for a total of fourteen. The first five of the show were participants in the … Continue reading Images of Oaxaca: A Photo Essay

Ten Simple Tips for Better Photos

Charles Cottle — Many of us who take pictures have traveled to beautiful places, taken photos, and returned home only to find that what we experienced at the picturesque site was nowhere to be found in the photos we took. I remember going up the California coast once from Santa Barbara to Monterey taking photos of some of the most beautiful coastline in the United … Continue reading Ten Simple Tips for Better Photos

Two Walks in Oaxaca

Charles Cottle — Oaxaca draws me back, time after time. Since 2005 I have visited this city of half a million inhabitants many times. Like most visitors to this city in southern Mexico, I stay in the historic district, which like the historic districts of many former Spanish colonial cities, is home to beautiful churches, Spanish colonial architecture, and cobble-stone streets. Yet, these features alone … Continue reading Two Walks in Oaxaca

Rick’s Travel to China – Beijing 2015: Part 2

Rick Hintze —   This is the second post relating to a trip to Beijing that Sue, my wife, and I took in fall, 2015. Sue, an artist who makes artist books, was invited to display some of her work in the Diamond Leaves Triennial at the Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing. In the first post, Beijing 2015: Part 1, I included images … Continue reading Rick’s Travel to China – Beijing 2015: Part 2